The Deb Rhymer Band - 2006 CD Samples + Reviews

The CD Band line-up:

  • Deb Rhymer - Vocals.
  • Alex Rolland - Lead & Rhythm Guittars.
  • Dan Fehr - Bass
  • Malcolm Cooley - Drums & Percussion.
  • 2006 band

    Very Special Guests:

  • Bill Johnson - 2nd Lead Guitar solo and guitar harmonies on Who Needs Tears.
  • Tim Zurowski - Lead Guitar on I Can't Stand The Rain.
  • Don Perteson - Lead Guitar on Little By Little.
  • Paul Wainwright - Saxophone on What Can I Do.
  • Karel Roessingh - Organ on Start It Up and Piano on Livin' On Lies.
  • Scott Sumerfeldt _ Organ on I Can't Stand The Rain and Breaking Up Somebody's Home.

Recorded at

Willow Creek Studio,
Victoria, BC Canada
Engineered and Mastered by:
Tim Zurowski.
Produced by: Deb Rhymer, Alex Rolland and Tim Zurowski

Cover Photo:: David Edey
Band Photo: Tim Zurowski.
Recorded 2006


Contact: Deb Rhymer

(250) 592-5764 Victoria, British Columbia CANADA

CD Reviews

Why bands such as hers are not on the mainstream airwaves, nationwide, is a shame...The Deb Rhymer Band is one tight, great sounding band. -
The Blues Underground Network

You've got those deep, bluesy vocalizations happening and energy and you just nail it.   There's a passion evident.
... Chris, Victoria BC

I'm addicted to your CD!
... Autumn, Victoria BC

Deb sounds like she belongs in Austin with the rest of the Antoine's women.
... Helen, Victoria BC


Deb -- I really love your CD.  Congrats on a good one.  I hope you do well with it.  I've listened to the whole thing several times now, and it's really good.  I love your cover of my song.  Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Shelley King


I did check out your CD and really enjoyed it. I'll be playing the odd track on my CBC show starting with "Start It Up" on the Oct. 27th show. Good selection of songs, singing and some fine playing.
Holger Petersen


Fantaboulous... Is the best way I can describe The Deb Rhymer Band's self titled CD. Why bands such as hers are not on the mainstream airwaves, nationwide, is a shame, for The Deb Rhymer Band is one tight, great sounding band.

This CD immediately caught my interest after only a few seconds in the CD Player with the sultry vocals of Deb Rhymer, which reminded me somewhat of Sue Foley, with a little of the edge taken off.

There is no pretendtionous with this CD as it starts out fast with a high tempo, "Who Needs Tears", a showcase song, that gives you a feeling it is now time to strap on your seatbelt, because you are going for quite a ride.

Their second cut, "You're Not The only One", gets the good old Bass into action and has a nice Jazzy/Blues Flavor to it.

Proving that Remake's can be of exceptional quality, "I Can't Stand The Rain", their third cut, is done to perfection, especially with the magic of Tim Zurowski as guest lead Guitarist, on this song.

Deb Rhymer and her Band continue to deliver through all 11, yes 11 tracks of music, and although credit must go towards all responsible for this CD, it is Deb Rhymer's strong Vocals that keeps you excited and anticipating each new track. 

Besides their 4 Member Band consisting of Deb Rhymer on Vocals, Alex Rolland on Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Dan Fehr on Bass, and Malcolm Cooley on Drums and Percussion, this CD also has an All-star Cast of Guest Performers consisting of Bill Johnson, Tim Zurowski, Don Peterson, Paul Wainwright, Karel Roessingh, and Scott Sommerfield whom all add their brand of magic on selected songs.

I thank Deb for sending me her CD for Review and as a new Fan of hers, I am now anxiously awaiting her next CD. Great Work Deb and Cast...  

I give this CD, my highest rating, Five *****

Review by John Vermilyea

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